Monday, August 16, 2010

Cotton Shawl 2

Restock due to high demand
But now with two tones!

Material is similar as t-shirt material. 100% cotton.
Easy to wear and very comfortable.

Can be worn two pieces for more variety and attractive colours.

*Model is wearing brilliant rose and yellow colour shawl*

Also can we together with anak tudung syria!
Check our previous post labeled anak tudung syria .

*Model is wearing brilliant rose colour shawl*

Yellow SOLD
Fern green SOLD
Light grey SOLD
Purple SOLD

Dark raspberry SOLD
Carmine pink SOLD
Air force blue SOLD
Brilliant rose SOLD
Dark blue SOLD

Deep carmine pink SOLD
French beige SOLD
Black SOLD
Lime green AVAILABLE
Light grey SOLD

Steel blue SOLD
Ocean blue SOLD
Dark brown SOLD
Forest green SOLD

click image to enlarge

RM 10 each

Buy more and you'll get discounts!

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